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COBIT Forums and Information FAQ (Cu Thường Hỏi)

Danh mục: Phần Chnh -> COBIT : Basic FAQ

Cu hỏi
·  What is COBIT ?
·  Who created it?
·  What specifically does it cover?
·  How old is it?
·  What support tools are included?
·  How frequently is it revised?

Trả lời
·  What is COBIT ?

COBIT stands for 'Control Objectives for Information and related Technology'. It is basically an 'open' standard for IT security and control practices.

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·  Who created it?

The IT Governance Institute.

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·  What specifically does it cover?

It includes more than 320 'control objectives' and includes audit guides for more than 30 IT processes. Overall, COBIT is organized into 6 components:
- Executive Summary
- Framework
- Control Objectives
- Management Guidelines
- Audit Guidelines
- Implemenation Toolset

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·  How old is it?

It was first produced in the early 1990's. There have been a number of revisions since then as it has become more widely embraced and used, internationally.

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·  What support tools are included?

COBIT includes a number of support items. These include: performance measurement tools, a list of CFS's (critical success factors) as well as maturity models for comparison and benchmarking.

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·  How frequently is it revised?

New upgrades/revisions are published approximately every 3 years

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